In the School of Parenthood: Lessons from a Wise Mom

In the School of Parenthood: Lessons from a Wise Mom


In this third interview, I chose a parent that has a child in first grade. Her perspective on parenting a younger child with special needs provides valuable insights. I just love what she has to teach all of us.


Q: What is one thing you wish teachers knew about your child that is not on the IEP?

A: That she wishes she could communicate the correct way. She doesn’t like feeling like this.


Q: Scores on tests do not define the child. What is something your child is really good at that is not reflected on tests?

A: She loves to color and is great at imaginative play.


Q: How important is homework for your child? Is it just a burden, or is it a helpful learning tool?

A: Helpful in small doses- some days it works and others it’s too much.


Q: How old was your child when you first knew she had special needs?

A: 1 ½ when she was just starting to stand on her own.


Q: What is one piece of advice for someone with a newly diagnosed child?

A: Continue to push the doctor if your child is not meeting milestones.


Q: What is one meal that everyone in your family likes to eat?

A: Spaghetti


Q; What advice do you have for interacting with children with special needs?

A: Sometimes it takes more than one interaction to form a “trust” with kids with special needs.


Q: What activities do you recommend to other parents to foster self-care?

A: Read as many books as you can! Continue your research.


Q: Are there any support groups that you recommend for parents or children?

A: None



Q: What are your favorite family activities?

A: Movie nights, family cooking nights, and activities around Medina like movies on the Square, tree lighting, and the 4th of July parade.


What I learned from this mom is to do your research! It was a great tip to realize it may take more than one interaction to form a trust with kids with special needs. This is valuable information for all of us.