5 Things Parents Wish Teachers Knew


                                                                                  5 Things Parents Wish Teachers Knew

When I would meet parents, I would try to find out ways to help that child who was not on the I.E.P. I recently interviewed parents of children I had in my class and asked them, “What are things you wish the teachers knew about your child?” These are some of the answers I received.

1. I wish she knew he was mentally spent after a day at school. Any kind of homework can cause anxiety.

2. She is way more than her diagnosis. She’s super smart, creative, and delightful under that thick layer of defiance.

3. I don’t want my child to appear Neurotypical. I want my child to be allowed to be Autistic.

4. We are doing our best and would like kindness and understanding.

5. My child is a human with desires and capable of deep feelings, not a case with issues.