Wisdom from the Heart: An Interview with a Parent Guru

Wisdom from the Heart: An Interview with a Parent Guru


Have you ever wondered what parents want to share about their exceptional children? These are first-hand perspectives from parents who lend their wise insights. Read on!

Q: What is one thing you wish teachers knew about your child that is not on the IEP?

A: He knows more than he lets on! He also learns about things he’s interested in easily.



Q: Scores on tests do not define the child. What is something your child is really good at that is not reflected on tests?

A: He has a great memory. He organizes things – but it’s his way.



Q: How important is homework for your child? Is it just a burden, or is it a helpful learning tool?

A: It is very hard for him because he associates schoolwork with school. He also is mentally tired after school is over.



Q: How old was your child when you first knew he/she had special needs?

A: 18 months


Q: What is one piece of advice for someone with a newly diagnosed child?

A: It is not the end of the world. Openly listen to any doctors or teachers who can help you.


Q: What is one meal that everyone in your family likes to eat?

A: Cheeseburgers and fries.



Q: What advice do you have for interacting with children with special needs?

A: Do not get too close to them right away. They may prefer personal space.



Q: What activities do you recommend to other parents to foster self-care?

A: Try to find a trusted grandparent or adult that you can leave your child with for dates.



Q: Are there any support groups that you recommend for parents or children?

A: I have not found any other than talking to other parents on my own.



Q: What are your favorite family activities?

A: Miracle League Baseball, theme parks, movies 


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