Parents are the real heroes

I may have taught special education for many years, but I know that parents of kids with special needs are the real heroes. You are the adults who have been there since the birth of your child and know your child’s physical, social, developmental, and family history. You are the ones who know your child’s…...

A sneak peek at my book

Each student encounter taught a valuable lesson throughout my 42 years of teaching. An authentic voice is given to each student’s story, and the reader can glimpse that student’s struggles, triumphs, and educational journey while in my classroom. Throughout my career, I discovered new ways to reach students that were certainly not in the lessons…...

Why did I want to do this?

I wrote a book called, “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up - Life Lessons from Special Kids.” I want this site to be a place where people can purchase my book and find new ideas, support and encouragement. I started teaching when Public Law 94-142 was born in the ’70s. It later became the now…...

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“Deb has always been a champion for her students. She builds long-lasting relationships with her students and their families.  Deb’s classroom over the years focused not only on quality instruction but also on teaching her students social skills and getting her students involved in community service projects.”

– Jim Shields, Human Resources Director of Medina City Schools, Medina, OH