“With 42 years of classroom experience, it is obvious that Deb is passionate about teaching.  Deb provides insight on ways to connect with kids that textbooks never teach.  I highly recommend reading this book whether you are pursuing a career in education or personally know an individual with special needs.”

Marcie Komar (parent of one of Deb’s former students)


“Deb was one of my best hires at Claggett Middle School. It all came about when she called to enroll Lauren and there just happened to be an opening in Deb’s field.  We told her to send us her resume. Long story short…Deb came in for an interview and we were impressed by her professionalism and enthusiasm.  Deb kept this going for all the years we worked together. The students she worked with were truly blessed.  I am happy to call Deb my friend.”

– Jo Mauer, Retired Principal of Claggett Middle School


“Deb has always been a champion for her students. She builds long-lasting relationships with her students and their families.  Deb’s classroom over the years focused not only on quality instruction but also on teaching her students social skills and getting her students involved in community service projects.”

– Jim Shields, Human Resources Director of Medina City Schools, Medina, OH


“Deb Laneville writes about the Miracle League, a baseball league for individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities.  I am impressed with the way she describes how the players in this league are different from players in other organizations.  She describes how Miracle Leaguers know how to celebrate the moment, how to do a dance when the home plate is touched, or to celebrate exuberantly when a big hit occurs.  They are not worried about the score or the ranking. They just did something great, and everything stops to celebrate it. I also enjoyed the way she talked about sportsmanship.  Players, coaches, and fans all cheer for and support all the players. They realize this league is uniquely theirs, and everyone is an accepted part of it. Life Lessons make it clear that there is a lot to be learned from these Special Kids.

– Ken Richardson, President, Miracle League of Northeast Ohio

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You will laugh. You will cry.  And you will forever be touched by these heartwarming stories.

– Kathy Harris, author of The Deadly Secrets series